Monday, June 1, 2009

Ah, the price you pay to Freecycle...

I have been using freecycle a lot since our move. For those of you that aren't familiar, freecycle is an online community where people can give away things for free to others who might want them. You can also post a want ad for something and you may get a response back that someone has the thing you are looking for. I have gotten a couple of things off freecycle, including my nightstand that I faux finished and my beloved elliptical machine, that I use, but not enough. Mostly, though, I give things away.

The people who lived here before us left a corner computer desk in a walk-in closet. I don't want or need the desk. It is in pretty good condition, so I decided to freecycle it. I got about 6 messages from people who wanted the desk. I chose the woman who made a funny comment in her e-mail. I e-mail her back that she can have the desk. She replies that she would like to come today because her husband is off from work and they can load it into their truck together (everyone out here seems to own a truck). Well, I was leaving in a little while to drop Bella off at a birthday party and then do marathon errand running, so I wouldn't be around. I decide that, along with getting 5 children cleaned, fed and ready, I would also dismantle the desk and leave it on the driveway for the freecycle woman. I rummage through a really, really, messy garage (we just moved in) and find what tools I need. Then I remove the hardware. I enlist Noah to help me get it out of the closet. We pick up the desk and hear a cracking sound. Part of the desk came off. Aaaarrggh! I look underneath and see that there is a piece of hardware that I forgot to remove (in my defense it was really hidden). What am I gonna do now?

I go upstairs and e-mail the woman and tell her I am sorry but I broke the desk. She e-mails me back that she would like to come look at it anyway. OK, so I go back down and continue trying to lug the thing out, when I hear another sickening crack. Yep, another chunk came out of the desk. Have I mentioned lately that I am the type of person who could be considered slightly klutzy? Anyway, I go upstairs again and call her on the phone and explain the situation. Miraculously, she says she still wants to come get it. I hang up, tell the kids to make themselves presentable and get in the car. By this time we were running late. I am really hurrying now. I rush into the closet, trip over the remaining part of the desk and gash my leg. Out of my mouth flow some words that, let's say, warrant a trip to the confessional. I get up, drag the thing, limping, through the obstacle course of a garage, and prop it up at the exterior wall. Then I run into the car and back out. As I am backing out I realize there is a piece of the desk I forgot to bring out. It was a small shelf that the younger girls decided to use as a doll table. I shoot back into the driveway, Bella hops out of the car, gets the shelf and dispenses of it, then we go on our way.

By the time we left the house, I looked like I had been through a war. Did I mention the temperature hit 90 today? I was sweating like a pig and my hair felt like it was on fire. I drove like Cruella de Ville to the party and dropped Bella off, got my errands done (barely) and we got home safe and sound.

When we pulled into the driveway the first thing I noticed was that the desk was gone. Hallelujah! I am now one desk lighter...but I had to work for it.


  1. Haha! At least the desk is gone! I've had my fair share of no shows on the freecycle I used to use! :)

  2. Yes, no-shows are the bane of freecycledom. I have had an abundance of them myself. I guess that just added to the joy of seeing the desk gone...

  3. Jenni likes freecycle. I had never heard of it and thought it was some sort of exercise machine (I'm slow that way). Anyway, we've given away more than we have received, I think. It seems to be a pretty cool idea though, especially of someone is willing to come and pick the stuff up.