Sunday, June 28, 2009

School Is Never Really Out...

We were driving in the car yesterday when I overheard Noah and Bella in the back seat, discussing the Shakespeare plays they have read. They both agreed you should never read Hamlet or MacBeth before you go to sleep because they will give you nightmares. They both think A Midsummer Night's Dream is weird.

Bella: How could one guy write all those plays?

Noah: I don't know. He had a good imagination. But then there is always the Baconian Controversy...

Bella: Huh? Wha...?

Noah: The Baconian Controversy. The theory that it was not William Shakespeare, but Sir Francis Bacon that actually wrote all the works.

Bella: Bacon? Wasn't he a science monk? Oh, wait a minute, that was Roger Bacon.

I was proud of the kids. They held their own mini lit class in the car. AND they retained some of the stuff we discussed during the school year! Wahoo! The dream of every homeschool mom!

Now I'd better go brush up on my Shakespeare...


  1. right! It's amazing what they retain and what they will whip out on any given moment!

  2. True! Just goes to show you that anyone who thinks a homeschooling mom's life is tedious, is clueless...

  3. They blew me away! I didn't know your children were college aged :)
    God Bless.