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Entry for April 28, 2008

We went back to IL for 4 days because my niece was receiving her First Communion and we wanted to be there. The ride was fairly uneventful. Before we left, we stopped to gas up and Joe got a very large cup of coffee. Charlie asked for a sip. Joe passed it back and he took a sip, then returned it. Later in the trip, Charlie asked again and Charlie began to chug. "NONONONO! That's my caffeine for the trip!" Joe yells. Charlie hands it back and says, "It's empty."
We got there at about 11 p.m. on Wednesday and dropped 4 kids off at my parents'. Then we went to our friends Dean and Kerry's with Noah to sleep there, because my parents can only fit 4 people in their house, so we had to split. I know, we could have gone to our old house with an air mattress, but we wanted to see Dean and Kerry anyway.
We get to their house about 11:30 p.m. They were up and we got to chat a bit, then we went down the basement to sleep. They had it set up as a hotel. HA! There were mints on the pillows and a list of "Hotel Rules" (which included a warning that the remote control was calibrated only for their TV and wouldn't work elsewhere if it was removed), and they had put a price list on their downstairs refrigerator that was like a minibar. It was hysterical! The prices were outrageous, just like a real hotel, except they listed what was actually in the refridge, so there was Gogurt for $7, slices of cheese, $2 each, eggs, $1 each, etc. Then, in the bathroom, they had put a sign over the toilet seat that said, "Sanitized For Your Protection." There was also a note under the bathroom mirror that said, "Forget something? Check at the front desk. We may have what you need!" It was a really funny welcome from some treasured friends!
The rest of the trip was very busy, but we got to see my niece on her special day and that created some nice memories. Other friends of ours had children receiving that day, so we were treated to being able to see them as well. On Sunday, we had a gourmet breakfast at my parents'. My mother made French Toast, bacon, sausage and, not regular pancakes, but gingerbread pancakes. At church it seemed that almost all our good friends were there. Fr. Randy, who used to be my spiritual director, was the celebrant, so I visited with him and also received a travel blessing.
The ride back wasn't too bad. It got pretty hairy toward the last 90 minutes, though, because the kids were really getting on eachother's nerves. After we pulled over on the side of the road to let Genevieve pee in a cup, I put on a rosary CD that was recorded by Angelina's Godfather, Fr. Beekman, and we all said the rosary. Everyone quieted down immediately and the rest of the ride was peaceful.
It was a good trip, but the kids were happy to be home, which made me feel good about the move in general. It is a huge grace from God that the children have adjusted so well. They really miss friends and family, but we are at peace here. Now, what the future holds, only time will tell...

Entry for April 14, 2008
This weekend will be forever known as "couch weekend." Joe and I spent the weekend on the couch with aches, pains and fevers. Joe had such a bad headache that every time he coughed, he yelled in pain. Genevieve, who had gotten better, was also feverish and stuffy. Angelina was fatigued and stuffy as well. We had to miss Mass. We were in no shape to leave the house at all.
Yesterday I spoke to a good friend of mine about our current sitaution. She joked that if we lived closer she'd make us dinner. Hah! About an hour after that phone call, the doorbell rang. Joe hauled himself off the couch and answered the door. It was a guy with a box of food. "This is a get well gift from your friends in Illinois!" he happily proclaims. I think Joe managed a "thank you," and took the box up to the kitchen. Delicious smells pervade the house. Wow! SO glad we're not nauseous! It is an authentic, Kansas City, barbecue dinner. We had homemade baked beans, Texas toast, pulled pork, brisket, burnt ends, onion rings and chicken fingers for the kids. They descend on the food like locusts. Genevieve is too tired to eat. She manages a few bites of Texas toast. I eat a few bites and wrap some up for when I can breathe (and therefore taste) better. Everyone decides that it is one of the most delicious meals we have ever had.
After we are done and I am comfortably settled back on the couch, I reach for the phone to make a thank you call. It rings as a grab it. It is my thoughtful, Illinois, barbecue sending friend. I tell her she's crazy, and then thank her profusely. She tells me that she spoke to the owner of the restaurant and they don't deliver, but when she told him we had just moved, and were sick as dogs, he quickly agreed to bring the food over.
This morning when Joe woke up, he felt a lot better. He took the boys to work with him today, so he must have energy. I still have a sinus headache, but the fever is gone and I actually feel like I can get up and walk around. Genevieve and Angelina are still stuffy, but there are no fevers and they are playing together as I write this. So, what's the conclusion? Friendship and good food cure all.

Entry for April 11, 2008

A Mr. Richard Feder from Fort Lee, New Jersey writes in and asks, "How are the Creedons doing on their fourth day in Missouri?"
Well, lemme tell ya, if it's not one thing, it's another... They got fevers, aches, pains, insomnia, some are throwing up, coughing, chills, night sweats and stuffy noses. It's always something.

Entry for April 10, 2008
I think Charlie likes it here. We set up his room first. His desk went under the window, so he has ample light for drawing. He unpacked all his CDs and has been listening a lot to either Dean Martin or Silly Songs With Larry. He made the green beans at dinner yesterday and did a good job. He has been very helpful all in all and adjusting well, I think.
He starts school next Friday. We take him in on Thursday for a tour and to meet the staff. I am praying that the transition goes well. Giant Steps was his second home for 9 years and I am sure he will miss it deeply.
He keeps putting the heat up to 90. I don't know why. It hasn't even been cold. Noah has had a fever and we all thought we were coming down with it, but it was just the heat. Except Genevieve actually did get a fever last night, then I came down with one this afternoon. I slept for a long time. The kids were good while I slept. They stayed in the kitchen on the computer while I was just steps away in the living room on the couch. When Joe got home he took care of dinner. Now he is with the children that are well, trying to find Sam's Cub to go shopping. Hope he put the GPS on "fastest route."

Entry for April 09, 2008
Yesterday we went to shop for a washer and dryer. We didn't bring ours because we are leaving them with the house. Besides, my washer is a gas one and here we need electric. So we decide to buy reconditioned ones because we had a reconditioned dryer years ago that we bought for $50 and it lasted 6 years. We have no idea whether or not the house we will eventually buy will have these appliances, so reconditioned seemed the best way to go.
I found a dealer online. He is in Belton. We don't know where Belton is. We check a map. It is in Missouri, south of KC. Some very good and very thoughtful friends of ours gave us a GPS system for a going-away gift. This seems like a great time to use it. We get the thing programmed, load the kids in the car and sit back and enjoy the ride. We begin on a very pretty back road. "Hmmm," Joe muses, "Not the road I would have picked, but this thing is supposed to know what it's doing, so..." An hour and a half later we are in Kansas. Bella says to her brother, "Noah, I don't think we're in Missouri anymore." I get a weird feeling of deja vu when she says that, but it goes away. Joe and I are perplexed. We have passed many major highways and still no Belton. The ride has been very scenic, but... Wait a minute! A light bulb goes off over Joe's head. He checks the settings of the GPS. It is set to "scenic." AAARRRGGH! Joe quickly reprograms it and off we go. By this time, Genevieve has to use the bathroom, Angelina and Noah are fighting, Bella is being loud and Charlie is complaining that Bella is being loud. "You kids were great on the long trek out here yesterday. What's the problem today?" I lament.
FINALLY we get there. I quickly pick out the biggest dryer I can find, a commercial grade monster. I get a Kenmore washer that is much bigger than the one I have in St. Charles. Flippin' sweet! They deliver the next day and yes, they warrantee everything for 3 years. Yippee! We get back in the car, completely forgetting that our 3 year old has to pee.
We take the kids to Sonic. While we are waiting for our food, Genevieve begins to pee. "Mom? I'm peeing." "AH! Please stop right there!" I desperately plead. "I'll get you to a bathroom." The girl delivers our food. Joe asks if our toddler can use their bathroom. She informs us that it is not working (yeah, right!). "Everyone, look for a pull up!" I yell. The kids all dive down onto the floor looking for a stray pull up. Joe finds one. We get it on Genevieve and everyone is happy.
We go directly home, because the GPS is now properly programmed. On the way, I start to laugh, because I am thinking what if they made the voice on the GPS like my mother's when she was teaching me how to drive?
"OK, make a right. A RIGHT!!! Watch the truck! Get over! Get over!"

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