Thursday, May 7, 2009


Last night was the Little Flowers meeting and, since I am the coordinator, it was at my house. My husband, Joe, has been in KC almost full-time, for about 3 weeks, so I have renewed my respect for single moms. The day was spent cutting clear contact paper and preparing the lesson. I actually had my mother come over for a couple hours to help with the kids so I could do all this stuff. The meeting went well, except one of the girls hit her head on a ceiling fan (don't ask) and left with a knot on her head. Ask me how guilty I felt, especially since all I could do to help her was put ice on it. I happened to see her today and she looked fine. Glad it turned out OK.
When one of my good friends dropped her daughter off for the meeting, she thrust a 6-pack of Mike's Hard Cranberry Lemonade in my hands. She knows I'm having a hard time being without a hubby during the week. Thank God for good friends!
Today I made a meal for another homeschooling family who just had their 5th child (see, we are not the only crazy ones out there!). Charlie took the car ride in his fave spongebob pjs with the big hole in the crotch. Of course, when I went into their house to drop off the meal, he got out of the car and tried to get in the house. It was kind of funny. I was absolutely horrified, but, whenever we go out in public, I just wait for the humiliating episode to occur. It is guaranteed that when I step foot out of the house, with all 5 kids (or, sometimes even by myself) some form of public humiliation will occur. So, Charlie in his crotchless pjs attempting a home invasion was the most current episode.
Charlie is so cool. He never gets embarassed. I wish I was more like him. Although, if I was more like Charlie, I would eat sardines warmed up in the microwave and attempt to wash my entire upper body everytime I went to a public restroom. Still...

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